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Link Building is an Indispensable SEO Tool

Search engine optimization is made more effective by link building. Take note that if one concentrates on this alone or the other way around, which is SEO minus building links to one’s website, then the results will only yield a small fraction of what both of these things can do together. Combine both of these processes and the results grow far better and will exceed expectations.

Take note that this is only one of the many integral processes in search engine optimization. There are many other tools and services available from XO Social Media but none of these other tools bring in the same significant results as the link building process. Links can be placed almost anywhere and the benefits that can be reaped from this enterprise are more than satisfying.



Benefits of Link Building

Other websites that have links pointing to a company’s website definitely aids to bring the desired results in search engine optimization. One of the very first benefits that can be gleaned from this is increased exposure to the many search engines on the web. Of course, increased exposure also drives more traffic to one’s site eventually.

Other sites that have backlinks to one’s website have the potential to drive additional traffic. It can be said that it’s a way for other sites with similar content to share page views with their peers. Visitors to one site who find the links to another site tend to visit the linked site as well. Thus transferring or in other words sharing traffic to other websites.

Some of the easily perceived benefits of link building given the scenario presented above include improved brand awareness and visibility. One indirect benefit that does help one’s website is added credibility. Remember that each link from other websites is equivalent to a referral from them. The regular visitors of other sites tend to trust the linked site since the source they got it from is a website that they definitely trust.

Other than establishing a website’s identity and reputation with potential customers, backlinks are also a great tool to score better with search engine bots. When these bots crawl the Internet they do not follow just the links on the primary website itself but they also include links to other related websites. This phenomenon eventually helps linked sites get better page rankings.

This can be seen as some sort of a vote or recommendation from the host site in favor of the linked site. The more links pointing back to one site from other sites definitely have that positive effect on a site’s page rank.

XO Social Media provides all the link building services that any customer might need. The services includes links from shopping websites, promo sites, blog marketing, articles, web directory links, permanent web links, article directories, social networking sites, Wiki pages and related sites, online message boards, and comments on blogs and online forums. These are some of the ways to drop backlinks to other websites that have related content.

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