Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing Tip #1: Create your Facebook Profile and Fan Pages Strategically

The creation of a Facebook profile is one of the means for the establishment of an identity online. This is a venue for cultivating relationships and positioning businesses. Your Facebook profile allows for a more personalized interaction between you and your audience. Considering all these, the Facebook profile should thus be made strategically.

First, place a profile picture that will best represent yourself, your business or your products. Choose the most flattering one. The initial judgement of the profile may be made based on the profile picture you put. Make sure that the picture is catchy. Ensure also that the right colors are used. Your target audience may be the indifferent type. They may have little time on their hands so that they make the decision of whether to “add” you just based on that profile picture. Choosing the right photo is thus a must in Facebook marketing.

Second, concentrate on adding friends on your profile. A wide network of Facebook friends could give you an image of being well-liked, sought after, and credible. The friends who added or confirmed you would seem like a vote of confidence for your business and its offerings. The network of friends of your current friends would then not hesitate to include you in their friends list as well since you already have common associates.

Third, put some effort on your Facebook wall. Its functionalities allow you to interact with your audience. Posting strategic messages on your friends wall can be a form of Facebook marketing. Also make relevant comments on the activities of your members especially when it could relate to the existing offerings of you business. In this way you are able to build a connection with your audience and indirectly market you offerings at the same time. Just don’t go overboard or else you would already be considered a spammer and not a marketer.

Facebook Marketing Tip #2: Create a Facebook Groups

These groups allow an audience to converge for a particular activity or cause. If your company is launching a new brand or product, the Facebook Groups would be a good venue to announce and update activities on these. If your company is supporting a particular cause in the name of corporate social responsibility, Facebook Groups could also be an ideal online bulletin board. One good feature when Facebook marketing through these groups is that one can send a message direct to the inbox of the member. This is thus a brilliant means to form an community online. One can send bulk invitations. One can also send other strategic marketing messages in bulk.

Facebook Marketing Tip #3: Maintain Uniqueness; Update The Facebook Pages Regularly

Avoid your audience from feeling bored whenever they visit your page. Fill your profile with a lot of personality. Make it fun through introducing different applications. Offer something unique constantly and update content regularly so your target market comes back to your page. You can tap the service of an online manager to help you manage your content for a unique user experience.

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